Managing diversity provides an opportunity to learn and grow through respect, understanding, and appreciation of differences. Through enhancing cultural awareness and providing resources to support making a case, building capacity, and launching diversity initiatives, participants will gain tips and strategies for supporting workplace
This website was created as part of the SEED project (Supporting Employers Embracing Diversity) however, the key resource from that project is no longer available to us online. The Life Strategies team continues to be committed to supporting workplace diversity and developing cultural competency in career practitioners, counsellors, and organizational leaders. Although this site is no longer being updated, we’ve left it up as a resource for other individuals and organizations concerned about workplace diversity and building welcoming communities. For more on our current work, please visit us at

Immigrants often bring a different set of concerns to career management professionals. In addition to looking for work, the newly arrived may need to identify a neighbourhood, settle into their new homes, get their children into school, begin to learn about the culture, get their foreign training and experience recognized, and, sometimes, learn a new language. Our courses prepare career management professionals to support immigrants to successfully manage their career transitions and features.

With an increasingly global economy, more workers will encounter colleagues, supervisors, and clients who are different from themselves. This is particularly true in a country like Canada, known for embracing a multicultural workplace and welcoming immigrants. Yet, building a cohesive and productive workplace with individuals from diverse backgrounds is not without its challenges. Diversity issues go beyond ethnic differences to include differences due to religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, culture, and disabilities. Life Strategies Ltd. has facilitated numerous workshops which examine the many facets of diversity and discuss strategies for embracing diversity in the workplace.
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